Tips for practicing yoga at your residence

Yoga is universally acknowledged for the purpose of keeping sound health.  The place where you are practicing at your residence should be comfortable and well established space.  The clothes that you are wearing should be comfortable.  You require a mat, well place and well ventilated.  There are few tips that you should practice how to perform at your residence and you will surely get good benefits.


1.   Strength and fitness – There are several techniques of postures, asanas, meditation, and breathing.
2.   Management of weight – For the purpose of managing your weight kapal bhati and suryanamaskara is excellent exercises.
3.   Efficient energy – When you have done more tasks it refreshes your mind.  Everyday performing meditation before starting your work is good for health and longevity.  If you perform in this way you gain your energy.
4.   Good posture as well as flexibility – Practicing this meditation regularly make your body strong as well as tone your body muscles.  Therefore, it relieves from all kinds of aches that are arising from wrong postures.
5.   Relief from stress – This meditation is helpful for detoxifying your body and releases tensions and stress.
6.   Improving immunity – Practicing meditation will improve your immunity system as well as circulation of blood.
7.   Peace – Meditation helps to keep your mind in peace and shows the way to peaceful condition.  It also heightens the level of intuition as well as helps to take a correct decision.
8.   Asthma related problems – If you are suffering with asthma related problems, it is better to perform this meditation.  There is a chance for controlling your abilities of breathing.
9.   Hypertension – With the techniques of breathing exercise, it reduces the hypertension.
10.                Management of pain – If you do various types of asanas, arthritis and back ache will be cured.  It helps to rejuvenate between the bones of cartilage.

Tips for practicing yoga

There are many tips for practicing meditation.  They are as follows:
1.   For the purpose of practicing, the right time is early morning before having your breakfast, because this is the time your mind will be calm, fresh and movements of the body will be flexible and you will be energetic.
2.   If you require starting meditation you should have confidence that you can perform it.
3.   Before you start the practice make sure that the environment should be free of moisture, free of distraction, free from dust, well ventilated, and also the place should be quiet and calm so that you can concentrate more.
4.   It is essential that before beginning the meditation you should clean your throat, nostrils and also clear bladder and bowels.  Also you should drink plenty of water which is lukewarm.
5.   For meditation purpose, the clothes should be loose fitted and comfortable.  The best clothing is cotton or Lycra shirts and pants.
6.   Like other exercises, you should do the easy poses and it should be systematic and methodical.
7.   You should remember that when the body movements are light and in case if you are tired, then you should discontinue it.
8.   Meditation will make you energetic and will not cause depression or weariness.
9.   In between the meditation you should have a break for not getting tiredness.
10.  Those who are performing meditation, you should take proper diet giving a gap of four hours.
11.  You should take five percent of nuts, twenty percent of honey and fruits, twenty five percent of roots and vegetables, twenty percent of dairy products and thirty percent of cereals and grains.
12. You should avoid overeating as well as fasting and also stale food should not be taken.
13.  When you are performing meditation you should take deep and long breathing.  You should always remember that you should close your mouth.  Exhaling and inhaling should be done only through your nose.
14. For sitting posture you should use proper mat and for the lying posture you have to use woolen carpet.  Clean sheet should be covered on the woolen carpet.
15. Also remember that when you are performing meditation, you should be comfort and without any pains.

You should know all the tips and benefits before practicing the mediation.

Tremor and herbal treatment

Tremor is the movement of muscles in the body involuntarily. Tremors are of different kind, the Essential tremor, the Dystonic tremor, the Parkinsonian tremor and a few more. The most common among the tremors are these three, and among these is the Essential tremor, affecting people aged 40 and above. The Dystonic tremor causes twister movements and painful positions of the muscles. The Parkinsonian tremor occurs mainly due to the bruising damage to a person’s head or brains, in the area that controls the movements of the body is affected. Tremor has a tendency to affect other parts of the body, as it develops. Some of these parts are the vocal cords, the face, the limbs and other essential parts of the body. There are a number of treatments and remedies for this problem. Let’s discuss Tremor and herbal treatments for it.

  • Leaves:- Rosemary leaves and sage leaves have been proven by herbal medicine practitioners as a good remedy for tremor. These leaves are used for the treatment of the symptom, especially in the continent of Europe, but are also available worldwide. Rosemary leaves support the brain and help to solve problems of movement. Oat straw fights anxiety, decreases mental pressure caused due to excessive strain or stress. It is a well know remedy for tremor. It is also good for children as well as adults who don’t suffer from tremors. Lady’s slipper is another helping herb for tremors. It gives a boost to the tired senses; it reduces nervousness which is one of the causes of tremor.  Other remedies are herbs like German Chamomile, Skullcap and Gotu Kola. Though many people could be allergic to the German Chamomile, both American and Chinese of Skullcap are helpful to improve mental tensions and movement disorders.  It helps in relaxing a person’s emotions, attitude and ability to think, and these all these improvements lead to solving the problem of tremor.

  • Roots and spices:- Dandelion root and Cayenne pepper can be quite helpful to cure tremors. These are known treatment ingredients apart from leaves and flowers. This medicinal root and pepper help in a few different ways. The root helps in detoxification of the body while it cleans the liver thoroughly supporting it to step into a better condition than before.  The pepper serves as a catalyst. It helps the working of the herbs and the roots on the tremor. It energizes the process and makes it more effective by increasing the pace of the curing.

  • Flowers:- Among the flowers that are known to help in the case of tremor, lavender is known to be the most helpful. It is good for the brains and the nerves. It helps in migraines, dizziness, etc. The flower is a natural medicine treating a few other problems other than tremor, so it can be blindly used. Passion flower is also highly recommended to tremor patients. The herb helps in calming tremors though not curing them but reducing the pressure the brain falls under while suffering tremor.

Use Food and Home Remedies as Your Pharmacy

As we know many people are suffering from many diseases because lack of their good food. They do not take good food which is reason of their diseases. If you have desire to get well treatments from food then you can get well treated by good diet and good food too.

You will have to take prescriptions while taking food. If you will get proper diet and good proteins, vitamins with food then you will find great health and it will be great pharmacy for you. Balanced diet and good food can make health to people and people can get their body fit without any medicines. We always recommend the people to have great kinds of treatments from green food and fruits. If you will take food and fruits time to time then you will never get any kinds of problems in your health.

If you are suffering from cough and cold then you can get well treatment from your food. You should use extra ginger at your food to take that. As you will use extra quantity of ginger you will get melt your cough and cold which is really better treatment by food. Most of the people use these things as herbal and home remedies to cure many diseases. Really we have lots of pharmacy at home those can treat different kinds of many diseases. You can use garlic, ginger, black paper, celery and etc. to treat lots of diseases at your home. So, just go ahead to use your food as pharmacy and treat your disease at home.

Protect You and Your Family by Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a very special Insurance which is so helpful in getting the medical claim during any health problem by any medical health Insurance company. In general, to provide the health Insurance, there are so many health Insurance companies are available. In regarding of the health Insurance, it is a kind of contract between the Insurer & the Insurance Company in which a former agree is accepted to pay the hospitalization expenses which spent on the medical treatment to cure the illness or the injury.

In short, the health insurance is a kind of policy that covers you as well as your family from the medical expenses which occurred because of sickness, accidents, etc. In return, the insurer has to pay regular premium to the insurer. The importance of health insurance for you and your family, the health insurance is an important element for one’s life because these days, the medical expenses are increasing and the environment always become uncertain but by having the health Insurance, person get a lot of peace and relax to escape from the tough time.

If you have the no health insurance at that condition, you have to pay the heavy medical bills in hospitals because of illness or injury thus it is good to have the health insurance to protect yourself and your family. By having the Health Insurance, you and your family get a lot of benefits such as Room & boarding expenses, Ambulance charges, ICU Charges, doctor fees, consulting fees, surgeon fees, Day care expenses and   hospital expenses.